Pregnancy Sketch Marks

Stretch marks, officially called striae distensae (or striae gravidarum when they occur during pregnancy), are exactly what they sound like—the marks that appear on your skin when it gets stretched. When your body rapidly grows and expands, your skin is pulled tight over the new mass that’s formed. Stretch marks are the result of your middle layer of skin or the underlying tissue tearing from being stretched so tightly. These tears become visible on the surface of your skin. While they can be unsightly and annoying, stretch marks are not harmful and don’t pose any health risks.

Stretch Marks are not exclusive to pregnancies. Rapid weight gain, whether through intensive muscle gain or an excessive increase in body fat, can also lead to stretch marks. Some teenagers get stretch marks if they hit a particularly potent growth spurt.
Most often, pregnancy stretch marks begin to appear in the sixth or seventh month, when the baby’s growth really spikes. They normally develop on the mom-to-be’s tummy, thighs, buttocks, hips, and chest.

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